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Timber Resource Marketing

Ray Camp Inc. provides professional forestry consulting services to those who desire to obtain the best possible return and intended results when marketing their timber.  Knowing when and which options as to how to market timber is fundamental to receiving appropriate compensation and achieving desired results.

There are usually three very important, but often independent questions , or factors involved with making a decision about if and when to sell timber.  Any of the factors may logically be dominant in the decision, but all must be evaluated in the process.  These area...

    Timber land for sale
  1. Does the timber condition (health, vigor, tree size, etc.) indicate that it is ready and advisable to conduct some form of a harvest, and what harvest option would be most appropriate to achieve desired results?
  2. Does a favorable market exist for selling the subject  resources...and
  3. Is an owner or beneficiary  in need of  the potential revenue?

It is important to know the quantity and quality of timber, and subsequently develop a reasonable idea of its potential worth  prior to any marketing efforts.  It is also important  to wisely market the timber in a manner that will generate  maximum revenue while leaving the land in the kind of after-harvest site conditions desired.  Market familiarity and experience is essential in selecting between timber sale options.

  • Some sales require a full accounting for each individual tree by selective marking and measurement. This is followed by preparation of a detailed sale prospectus with a report of the inventory, and an aggressive sale promotion with the specified compensation by an advanced, up-front, full payment for the right to harvest the specific timber, as well as a contract containing specific terms covering the manner in which a harvest is to be made and any appropriate agreements regarding the contract performance.   On a specified date, lump-sum sealed-bids are received and the winning bidder selected.

  • Other sales may be handled on a pay-as-cut basis, with specifications listed for the manner of merchandizing  the trees selected to obtain optimum utilization and revenues.  This is managed by an ongoing accounting of the timber harvested and the pay-as-cut delivery of appropriate.  

The more data and information you possess, the more likely you will be successful in marketing the resource.  The more extensively you advertise your timber  the more likely you are to get the best possible price for it. Knowing what you have, and knowing how and where to advertise your timber sale is vital.

For nearly a half-century, Ray Camp Inc. has successfully assisted landowners walk through these steps to prudently market their timber resources and receive proper compensation.


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