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Timber Management

An investor or owner of timberland needs to make well-informed decisions in order to be able to implement a credible land management program. Private corporations and public agencies wisely employ a full-time staff to carry out their forestry operations, or they seek professional help Sunset over lakewhen needed.  This is because positive results from prudent actions more than pays for the costs of such help.   Likewise, a forestry consultant provides informed professional guidance and services to the individual land owner specifically when they are needed, but do not create unnecessary overhead when it is not.  Such services may:

  • Maintain a record of land and timber value which is beneficial when making timber and land marketing decisions, or when planning to exit one investment and obtain new lands.
  • Promote and maintain timber stocking, and generate higher yields, while mixing land management goals to provide a combination of timber yields as well as other ancillary uses, such as recreation, or possible tax shelters for estate planning.
  • Sustain a comprehensive record of past actions, and a maintain a log of future plans and options, thus establishing a continuity of prudent land management throughout generations, protecting ones heirs from the serious risks associated with a complex and unfamiliar business where the layman is often very vulnerable to those who would exploit a lack of knowledge or experience.

As in all things, change is inevitable and usually unforeseen.  Therefore a timber management plan's scope is typically limited to a 20 to 30 year span, targeting the next logical phase or owner's goal.  There are often a number of components to a tailor-made, client-specific management plan. Some of these components may include:

  • A map & legal description of the property
  • A summary of site conditions and an accounting of timber resources
  • A summary of credible management options, often tested with growth-&-yield modeling
  • Recommended tree stand establishment methods
  • Tentative schedules for thinning and harvesting, or a capital depletion schedule
  • An estimate of anticipated wood volume to be obtained by thinning and harvesting
  • A schedule of estimated cash flows
  • A statement of the Internal Rate of Return the investment plot may be expected to produce

Recommendations concerning forest establishment, the number of trees per acre, or thinning and harvest schedules must be based on solid data derived by objective sampling and analysis.  Subjective analysis and conclusions may not have any validity without having such data, and should not be relied upon for decision making.

We will help develop a property management plan that will assist help a landowner in making the appropriate financial decisions now, and in the future.


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