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In order to effectively sell and manage land, the first thing needed is an inventory of the current trees. The process of River running through woods an inventory is called "cruising." There are several different ways to "cruise" timber, however they all involve estimating the total volume, or quantity of the marketable timber within a designated area by a specific sample method.

As with all statistical samples, there will always be a margin of error within the volume estimates. The objective is to evaluate how much precision is required of the estimate based on the relative value of the selected timber and the intended use of the information developed.  The more valuable the timber, the more importance is given to accuracy in the estimate. These margins of error might range from 10% for very valuable timber resources to much less precision and concern for some less-valuable timbered tracts.  It is sometimes advisable to obtain 100% tree counts and volume measurements to decrease the margin of error.

There are several reasons to conduct an inventory of timber. Some of these are:

  • To establish a cost, or acquisition basis for recently acquired timber 
  • To developing viable timber marketing alternatives
  • Preparing forest management plans
  • Planning the asset depletion schedules
  • To assist in developing equitable divisions of estates, or transfers.

Ray Camp, Inc. is able to provide advise on whether a timber inventory is appropriate, and if so, the intensity and method of that best fits the intended use of the results.



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